The Best Anger Journal

Dr. Carl Robinson Publishes a Journal for Addressing Pervasive Anger

A decade of successfully touching lives in trainings and sessions inspires his new book


PLANO, Texas  – Dr. Carl Robinson, honorary consular diplomat to the Congolese people, humanitarian entrepreneur and respected counsellor-trainer, offers a journal to assist in behavioral change, while helping people understand the difference between problematic and symptomatic issues of pervasive anger. A product of a decade’s worth of various treatment sessions and trainings, The Best Anger Journal: The Interactive 30 Day Cognitive Behavior Retraining Experience uses treatment modalities that will aid people in changing the ways they act and react through what is called cognitive behavioral retraining.

He stresses enough that real change is actually small increments of difference. He calls it “clicks.” He believes that small changes can make a tremendous difference, and when that happens, people will see changes in themselves as well as the change others see in them. Therefore, he believes it is important to read and reread while journaling with expectations over a longer period of time in order to experience some cognitive changes.